Hay fever Injection Coventry

hay fever injection coventry

Now you can book appointment for Hay fever injection if you are over 21 and have tried all other kind of alternative treatments for hay fever.
For the safety of your health, you need to book an appointment with doctor who will assess your health, go through your medical history, take consent, guide you about any side effects and ensure there are no contraindications to having a steroid injection before administering you with this.
We will always encourage our patients to try all alternative treatments first for hay fever before going ahead with long acting steroid injection.

Not to forget steroids have side effects.

If you have to have a steroid injection for hay fever, we would only recommend 1 per year.
We only provide steroid injection for severe Hay fever only.

Consultation with GP and Cortisone Injection  = £100

Please read more about Hay Fever Treatments on NHS Website.