Fit for travel certificate

Yellow fever Certificate is FREE

When you have vaccines from us, we always provide you free certificates as evidence of your vaccination.

Do you need a certificate for fitness to travel?

There are three kinds of certificates for travel:

1) You may require certificates for some vaccinations to enter into a particular country/area. Such as Yellow Fever and Meningitis ACWY. In this case its free of charge at our Travel clinic.

2) Employers may request a certificate to demonstrate if you are fit for travel, proving that you have all the appropriate vaccinations required for the journey and based on medical records the person appears at present to be fit for travel. This is normally funded by the employer. For more information please read section below from BMA.

55. Are doctors required to complete fitness certificates e.g. fitness to travel or for sporting activities?

GPs are increasingly being approached to complete an array of certificates for medico-legal reasons. The completion of fitness certificates raises concern because even if a thorough history, examination and any necessary investigations are carried out, doctors are still not in a position to guarantee that a patient is fit for a particular activity. The BMA discourages doctors from signing certificates which indicate that the patient will, for example, be fit for the duration of the holiday, as current fitness is not a guide to future fitness. Doctors can only report on what is written in the patient notes, and reporting on future fitness could have medico-legal consequences for the doctor. The Association would therefore advise that if certificates are provided they should include words to the effect that ’based on information available in the medical notes, the patient appears to be fit to travel’. Fitness certificates fall outside a GPs NHS Terms and Conditions and doctors can charge at their own rate for undertaking the work.

If this is the case, then you need a proper consultation with doctor, which involves history taking, examination and advice. This will cost you £200, it also involves providing certificate saying, “based on information available and medical examination, the patient appears to be fit to travel’

Additional investigations if required will have there own additional costs associated to the requests. For example, blood tests, ECG, X-Rays or Scans.

3) If you only require a certificate as an evidence regarding your vaccines received by our clinic e.g what vaccines you have had, or how many courses and when, its free of cost.